Kayaking Trip Questions?


I'm planning a paddling trip for this spring/summer/late summer for the South Island. I was wondering when the best time to plan for is. Is late spring/early summer to early (Nov/Dec), is it too cool this time of yr, is the run off too high on the west coast? Would Dec/Jan be too crowded and not enough runoff to creek on the west coast? Will suff be up around the rest of the S. Island in Jan and Feb? I'm more interested in running rivers and creeking while here. So I want to catch the west coast and the rest of the S. Island, any suggestions?

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Bro, if your a keen beaver you can boat all year round,just get a nice top and some dry panties and your be styling in both islands, the coast does get packed sometimes but theres enough rivers for everyone just dont fly the day a zillion people go into one if your not keen to boat with big groups.

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sorry mate, no-one in NZ can predict the weather or river conditions for a guaranteed trip. This could be the summer of floods or the summer of droughts. Just get there whenever, talk to (and listen to) other boaters who have been there before, and be prepared to be flexible.
Best plan is to figure out a potential list of runs twice as big as you could ever achieve in the time available. Youll probably get half of them in sometime in a trip. just stay within your paddle and safety ability and youll have a good time.