Canadian kayaking websites ????


I'm off to canada (vancouver) for a year and i have heard about the wicked boating to be had there. I was wondering if anybody knew if there is a canadian equivilent of the NZRCA website, or even something for vancouver.

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Thanks for all your help guys sorry it took me a while to reply
Ash- i will be in Lytton raft guiding in JUly August so if your up that way
Jo- sorrry i don't know any boaters that way but will keep an ear out
Nat- i might be keen for this Van how much and where is it??
Jared- will keep your e-mail addy as i will definitly be keen to hook up with people in Van.

Thanks again guys and my e-mail is if you want make contact with me

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If you're cruising around and need a van, we've got a 1984 Chevvy V8 in storage in New Hampshire. Fully decked out with double bed, TV, stereo, power. It's done us well for 2 seasons, no breakdowns. Can't get a visa for the US this year, so if you know anyone interested.

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I was on vancouver island all last year and did loads of paddling over there. It's got some awesome rivers but all need flow, spring time is a good time to go over as the snow melt should be getting the levels up. Check out for some good info. Rivers to check out are Punteledge (above 80-100cms its full of HUGE river wide play waves) the gordon, the upper gold, the adams, the oyster and there are heaps more. Oh and make sure you make it to either skook, or the lower okisolo tidal rapids as they are amazing.
Have a great time and if you want some email adresses of kiwi friendly keen paddlers then drop me a line (

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Check out on their Boaterboard. It's mainly people from the east coast, but there's also a lot of people from all over the country who use it. Also, try (or might be .ca). It's a store in Calgary, i believe, and i think there's also a message board. If you haven't already, check out, and ask for people from Vancouver, there should be a bunch.

Hope this helps. I'm from the east coast (toronto) but i'm actually living and working in Nelson, NZ for the next couple of months. I'm looking for people to paddle class 3-4 with in the area. Any contacts around here?

I posted a message further down on the board, but didn't get too much response. Any info you can give me would be great.



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Was in Vancouver for about 5 months last year. Only paddled two rivers while there class III/IV. We went along with the Vancouver kayak club who were pretty good, but you can also check out They have a message board, gear swap pages, and links to clubs in the different canadian regions/states

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Hi John
Vancouver is about an hours drive from the US border. There is supposed to be good boating in Washington on rivers such as the Wenatchee which I have not got to yet. I think you would enjoy the kayaking in BC. There are so many rivers to choose from. It looks like its going to be another hot summer there again too. I'm going to be mostly based in Vancouver with my girlfriend but would be keen to go on a Roadie depending on dates. We share the car and she does not paddle. Give me a call on 377 5135. I'm in Christchurch also.

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Hi Ash ~ I am trying to plan a kayaking trip to the States and looking for someone to travel and paddle with - grade 3-4 and playboating. Maybe BC would be a good alternative to the US. Would appreciate any comments and advice you have on travel and getting around.
I am in Christchurch.

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Hi Andy
Under type Vancouver kayak club. Once you are in the club page there is also a WKABC icon on the side which has some information although not as good as the NZRCA. I'm heading back to Vancouver from the 12th of June to the 14th of August. I have a car and boat over there and am always keen to head up to the Clearwater River if your interested. June is a good month to go to Skookumchuck before the hordes of people arrive.
(03)377 5135