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2 Questions:

Does anyone know of places to get cool stickers for boats? Either shops or emailable companys that aren't stingy?

Any thoughts on "bombproof" decks for Rads that would also be pretty solid on a Salto

Any feedback appreciated.

Happy paddling

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Hey Steve
I've been using a mountain surf deck on my rad and H3 and have had no problems

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It may be a great test if you were hanging from a tree by your paddle waiting for the wind to blow the boat off your legs.
In reality the deck has never been used for holding the kayaker into the boat.
The deck should be designed to keep the water out.
The most common failing of decks is when a paddler gets a beating in a hole, wave or water fall the deck implodes from the water pressure.
Other failings are the side of the deck pulling off when a paddler rolls this can normally be solved by fitting the boat out to stop the paddler exiting the boat.
Surely a better test of a decks bomb proof-ness is to put it onto the boat and push down on the deck simulating the water pressure, this way you can see if it is going hold onto the boat.

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Hi Steve,

This is also a blatant advert... at Rasdex we've just been working with Mick Hopkinson to develop the most bombproof possible deck. We've now got it to pass Mick's ultimate test: put the deck on the boat without getting in it, and swing the boat around by the body tube without the deck moving on the cockpit rim at all. This is a very harsh test - you can be pretty sure that any deck that can do this won't be popping off when you don't want it to, and you can try this test with decks in shops assuming they've got room to swing boats around safely!

The one we're developing isn't a standard neoprene deck at all, or even a Rhino deck which are also much more bombproof than normal - it's got several features to help it stick that you won't find on other decks.

If you're interested let me know, they're not quite in the shops yet but we can make them up to order.


P.S. Happy to send out stickers too, not sure if you'd classify them as cool but we're not stingy :)

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Hi Steve, this is a blantant advert but I run Day Two and we make good bombproof decks. The moast important thing is to get the right deck for the right cockpit. The RAD and Salto are pretty similar in size so you can probably get one to fit both but if you put a smaller deck on a big cockpit (which I see on the river every day) then that's where the trouble starts. If you go to a shop for a Day Two deck then ask for a red tag deck as this denotes the sixe of the cockpit (unless they changed the Rad coackpit size!!). email me if you need more info. Andy Fuller's picture

Hi Donald (I assume, sorry if wrong),

This test of Mick's just emphasises the fact that whatever pressure is on the deck, the deck won't come off the sides unless you pull the tag. The alternative test, which is much more convenient for use in kayak shops, is to put the deck on and press down as you suggest. This deck won't come off at the sides even if you stand on it.

Obviously was not intending this to be taken as an invitation for people to start hurling boats around maniacally, hang around in trees while in boats, trampoline on decks in shops or anything else too silly...

Hope this clarifies.