Stolen boats in Auckland


2 kayaks were stolen from a car in motel parking lot in Auckland.

1. Liquidlogic Big Wheel, orange colour, Nz flag sticker on backdeck and prijon booties under backdeck.
2. Wave sport ZG48, team verstion, left thighprace cracked and welded, orange colour.

Allso missing are:

AT4 paddle with wavesport stickers on blades
Shredready Full mental jacket helmet, superhero version, gunmetal flake paint and a chrome rim.
IR Full condition gag, blue size large
IR Overthurster, clear
Pelicase 1250 with wavesport stickers
Pelicase 1120 with a Nz flag and shredready stickers

If someone try¥s to sell you any of these or you have info on them please contact me or Auckland police.