Taipo River levels



Can anyone tell me how soon after rain the Taipo is best paddled?
What is the flow like at the moment?
Anyone know of any flow information anywhere?

Cheers, Rex

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The gauge is blocked up at present with a shift in the river bed. I don't know of any public access output from this gauge anyway.

Visual: This river is usually clear even when it's high, so when it's grey or brown it's really high. The lower gorge is OK and Grade 3 when clear and starts getting pushy once the water clouds up and the river is bank to bank at the SH 73 bridge. A couple of river wide holes develop at flood stage.

The upper river would get progressively harder as the flow increases, as it's high gradient with big boulders.

This river is always cold.

It's a brilliant paddle. Just go up as far as you feel comfortable with.