surf kayakers in the deep south?


hi i head out to oreti most days for a surf. there are only a couple of us from school that head out, is anyone else to join in as it gets annoying on a nice day and theres no-one else to head out wif.

also there looks like there might be a southland version of the bliss-stick day that was in dunedin a few weekends ago out at oreti at the end of january start of feb, anyone keen get hold of adventure southland

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Hi James:)
Good to hear there are some surfers down there! I'm actually moving down to invercargill in a couple of weeks and would be mad to hook up and go for a surf. Cell:0256714632 Give us a bell in a couple of weeks if you're keen

Cheers dude

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sweet some new blood in the water. come on i'm sure there atre others out there that are keen to try kayaking in the surf?

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hi james im keen on doing some surfing after work or in weekends,i live out in wyndham so could be out at beach by about 6pm on weeknights so call me on H 032064009,W 032064770,M 0272214110, cheers