Surfing Pororoca in BRAZIL!



In April 2005, a group of expert wave-surfing kayakers will surfed the Pororoca for the first time in history. The team was composed by american Rusty Sage (1998 world champion), South Africans Corran Addison (Olympian and three- time world medalist) and Steve Fisher (2 time world medalist), expert kayakers Diego Valsecchi from Argentina and Brad Ludden from the USA, and AustraliaĆ­s Dan Campbell-Lloyd (a kayaking waterfall world record holder).

Accompanying them, went the world renowned photographer Mirco Garoscio, and a film crew whose job it will be to capture the entire adventure for the upcoming extreme sports documentary Risking Life. This film will feature people from around the world who participate in extreme sports. It is due for general release in January 2006.

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Next Interview: YONTON MEHLER Ʊ The freestyler from Israel. Interesting view from Israeli sport scene with one of the great fresh talents of Liquid Logic.

Some Accomplishments:

1st Place at the Yampa River Rodeo,CO, June 2004
9th Place at the 2003 Freestyle world Championships in Graz, Austria.
Being the #1 White-Water kayaker in Israel.
Being the founder of the Israeli National Freestyle Team. (2001)
Co organizing 5 national paddlers meetings throughout the years 1999/2000
2nd Place at the Russell-Fork Triple-Drop Get-down. (October 02)

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Meanwhile, check the interview with the British Surf Kayak Champion IC and HP 2005 DARREN BASON already on PLAYAK:


Luis Pedro Abreu