Stats for Pyranha I3 222


Can anyone tell me what they are. Volume, Length, etc. I can't find anything in the net about it and the Pyranha site only has current models.

Good boat for river running/playing?


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Thanks Brett. I couldn't find those details on their website. I will check those out. The 223 would probably be to big for me, 76 KG's and 179CM height.


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Hi Pete

Just been on the Pyranha website and found a better source for specs,go to click on SUPPORT,then DISCONTINUED BOATS for a full line up of the old boats.The first specs I quoted out of a magazine don't appear to be very accurate.

Cheers Brett

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Hi Pete

The specs I found for the I3 range are,
Lenght Width Volume Weight Paddler Size
I3 221 218cm 61cm 214L 15kg 45-85kg
I3 222 221cm 63cm 225L 15.5kg 65-95kg
I3 223 221cm 65cm 237L 16.5kg 75-115kg

Hope this helps.I have a I3 223 I might be selling soon,I'm trying to get a Seven 0,but can't find one yet,when I do I'll probably sell the I3.Call me on (03) 2064009 if your interested.

Cheers Brett.