Stolen Kayak


Dear Paddlers,
This is a request to anyone who might be approached by someone trying to pass on an inflatable kayak.

It was in the back of a campervan that was stolen from Nelson Marina, between 3rd April and 13th April, 2006. The kayak is an Innova/Gumotex red and grey inflatable sea going kayak. It is quite large and weighs in at 34kilo's and is in a grey wrap around case. It was stolen with a blue spray deck and a 3 peice paddle that has INNOVO etched on the red paddles. Other related gear includes dry sacks, pumps and a large black diving carrying case.

The kayak is probably the only one of its type in NZ at the moment and was brought to NZ to do a photo shoot in Abel Tasman for the companies web site.

Any information on this gear would be gratefully received by myself or Nelson Police on 03 546 3840

With regards

Jill Strawbridge

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click on her name and the address comes up, might help

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hello jill i am sorry about your losing your kayak and i know maybe you will not read this for it is so old but i was spending ages looking for you any how i hope this message will reach you somewere on this globe.

mail me back..\

mark from carmabi curacao.

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jill if you live anywhere on this earth can you contact me?

my name is mark and we worked together in curacao (carmabi).

mail me.

mark frans