i weigh 80kg and an thinking of either getting a rad-175 or the super rad. some one who knows help please???? not you ferg!!!!!!!

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cheers guys i think ill go for the super-rad i think

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I've got a fluid flirt small which is pretty simlar volume to the rad175. I weight 70kg and feel i'm definitly pushing the high end of the weight range for my boat.

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Hey Jordan,

I own a RAD 185 and weigh around 83, but personally wouldn't want to go any smaller, for both room and bouyancy. I paddle a lot in the surf and any decent surf means I sometimes feel I'm in a squirtboat!

But I guess it depends on what you want it for. If your wanting to do cartwheels then go smaller, but if your wanting to try loops etc then the extra volume of a bigger size will help with that.

I definetly feel at the the higher end of the weight range in my 185 but thats just my personal opinion and I still love the boat all the same!!

Hope this helps,