St Clair Surf Comp


Is that surf comp in dunnas going to be on again this year?

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Hi there
great to see people are keen as mustard

yep dates are confirmed 7th and 8th oct

have a camp site free to competitors out near mosgiel, enroute to the taieri river

BLISSstick White water FESTival 06 = blissfest06

Boater X on saturday

a Kayak Film premiere on the Sat night " Enter the Donkey" from Spencer Cooke

also bring bring your own home made kayak porn (short film)
and the crowd can like it, o not like it so much!

rumour of a band also


a surf comp at St Clair
similar styles to last year

show us some good looking moves and you should do ok

prize giving to follow the surf comp

Hydraulics and
R-R Sport are again supporting the Prize pool so don't be afraid to jump in! cos the prizes are awesome (spot)

We are just ironing out the logistics for the saturday..

hoping to get the biggest shuttle vehicle we can, apparently it has a caboose???!?!?!? so here's hoping

we will be puting out the information shortly
just trying to pin the last stuff down!

look forward to seeing you there

Craig and Chris

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everything is still being planned for the event.

The surf comp is going to be alot like the one they held last year, isn't really judged like the worlds or anything that. Last year was 3 judges who basically went by personal opinion etc. One judge was also knew nothing at all about kayaking (this meant that their opinion was purely on what looked good to them).

As I said earlier everything is still being organised, but the plans being boater-cross on the taieri river on saturday, surf comp on the sunday.
More info as things get finalized. Will definetely be posted up here on rivers.

Until then enjoying the rivers, surf or whatever boating your doing.


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Hi, im traing for world to. If your in wellington give me a call - 021 25 111 25

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I plan to go maybe. Depends on cost. Im going to organise a North Island Comp soon so yeah.

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one more thing is anyone from auckland or north island planning on going down to st claire surf comp and has a spear seat for some muny and beer and anythign else

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Its the NZ Surf team, ocean surf kayaking only. River paddling is covered by Freestlye NZ

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hey dude
just one question is this nz surf team thing not a freestyle
i surf out west coast heaps but only freestyle so ye i duno

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Is anyone intrested in joining the NZ Surf Kayaking Associaton? I want to go to worlds for surf kayaking but need a national ranking. Cheers Josh

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hi i wonder if you could send me detail of this comp.i surf regular in scotland and im in nz...supposed to be training for the surf worlds , but seem to be doing more rivers. im in south island at the moment and will be around at the time of the comp...cheers

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Have these dates been confirmed. Very keen to come down this year but will need to book cheap flights from Wellies.

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yeh its just beginning to get organised by Craig & Chris
Will be on Oct 7th & 8th. They're adding a boater-x on the taieri river along with the surf comp. More details in the coming weeks.
Will send you the email.