Bomber deck recommendation


Please can someone recommend a good deck model/brand to buy.

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the implosion bar is made of plastic and is attached by a sheet of neoprene glued to the inside of the deck.

The bar doesn't really impede anything, also makes popping your deck with your knee easier (when you can't get your hands down) just add to the stiffness of the deck.

The only downside I had found was when trying to add a booster block to my boat the implosion bar made it difficult to fit. The deck doesn't really cave in that much though so it's still better than a standard deck if your looking for lots of pop without adding a booster block or jackson happy thruster.

IR makes decks with removable booster blocks & implosion bars, you can just clip them in & out. Think they are called IR super decks.

Give Don a call at Sunspots I'm pretty sure he's still got an IR deck (large cockpit/large waist) & he also has Snap Dragon decks.


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I'm from Aus, and theres a guy in melbourne that makes decks that are super implosion proof/over engineered. They cost ~130AUD which is probably about 150NZ i would think.

He makes them to order, so if you tell him what boat you have, what size tunnel you want, also if you paddle c1 or anything like that, and he;ll make it to suit.



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Thanks for the info. Are the kevlar (eg armortex on Snap dragon) decks more prone to uv degradation? Any sign of deterioration on yours? Was reading Bill Mattos kayak surfing book and he reckons the kevlar decks are too stiff and therefore more prone to pop! Any comments on this? Thanks for your help.

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Check out mountain surf decks on the web the New Zealand Kayak School in Murchison have them in stock. Cheers Jeremy

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I'd recommend anything from snap dragon. You can pay a bit extra and get a re-inforcement bar as well. Stops the implosion in the surf. I've been using my deck with implosion bar for almost two years in the surf and on the rivers, taken some solid beatings & its never popped.

Immersion Research decks are also really strong, as are mountain surf.

Sunspots in Rotorua have Snap Dragon decks, so does Kayak Unlimited in Christchurch.

Hope that helps in your search & happy boating!


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Thanks for that. Does the implosion bar have any disadvantage (other than price); does it slow down a wet exit? What is the bar made of and how is it attached?