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My girlfriend and I are coming out to New Zealand between the 17th Febuary and 17th March and are looking to find people to meet up with to paddle with, whist we are here. We will be flying into Christchurch and probably heading over to the Buller/West coast area, after maybe spending some time paddling in and around the Christchurch area if there is water.

We are both competent paddlers, myself happy leading on grade IV+ and Jo happy paddling IV+. We understand that there is a difference in grading between countries and want to paddle some easier runs first.

If you are intersted please eith email or reply here my email is Jo would also prefer there being other female company is possible!!


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Barnabus what are you playing at lol. I cant huck it if there is anyone who can its Barny Young you'll find him living at Tweets or the Mahinapu pub 7nights a week.

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Hi, I'm paddler from czech republic, I'm in South Island, nau in Quenstowne, some time working, some time kajaking or traveling.I have hier kajak Huka from Bliss-stick and complet eqipment, bat I have not paddling partners.Im paddle in Europa WW3,4, some time I doing in Czech republic canoe instruktor. I hev hier with 2 frends car ,van, is not problem going to WW our car, but for frends it's not good kajaking and I have not driver's licence... please, contakt me to email or mobil for sms: +420776048784

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Just @!#$ huck it... If you wana go big get hold of jordy and he will take you here there and everywhere.

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I am looking to do a similar trip and was looking to paddle Murchison/West Coast Feb 12-17. I am looking to find people to paddle with those days. Most likely I am planning on hiring gear from the kayak school. Essentially I was looking to warm up on Grade III then work up to IV to IV+ stuff.


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YEah I will paddle with you on the coast but not murch as its pretty boring. You could go straight to hokitika and paddleing things like Lower Toaroha, Lower Kakapotahi and Lower parts of the Styx and Arahura and work your way up from there. Get hold of me on 0273258820 or 03-732-3438 as where I am working has no cell phone service

Cheers Jordan

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I'm in a similar position, arriving a little earlier on 24th Jan, but I'm out for at least a year.
I'm looking for people to paddle with, but also a boat, paddle and car! I've got to go straight to Central Otago for work reasons, but looking to spend at least the next 2 weeks paddling and warming up.

Similarly, I'm a UK boater used to the easier 4+ of Europe, looking to warm up gradually from 2/3
Are there any other boaters based around Central or Queenstown/Wanaka?