Best sea kayaking paddle available in NZ?



I'm planning a sea kayaking mission, and need to buy a couple of paddles. Loved the werner when I tried it, but can't seem to find one here. Options seem to be double dutch straight shaft, carbon fibre, or a crank version from rochfort. Any views?

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Hey I have a Ty-warp 10T, got it from Mr Andi Uhl, and aside from the garish grafix, it is a sweet set of blades! I work as a guide, up in the AbelTasman, and do a fair milage per week, beem doing it for a few years now and have tried most things and they are the best thing this side of a set of werners. lots of power, smooooooth pull through, nice blend of flex and stifness (normaly use a glass sidkick for white water and thery are stiffer than those) and not too expensive, if you make it up here u are welcome to demo.
hope this helps