Best NI Whitewater Run??


Gday am a boater currently writing a report for my Diploma in Outdoor Ed at the Sir Ed OPC. Am discussing which is the best whitewater Run in NI. I have narrowed it down to the Kaituna, Wairoa and Rangitikei runs. Anyone could leave a message saying what they think and why that would be wicked. Cheers

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what makes it the best? best for learning and progession? adventure and wilderness? most continuous? variety? how many people you will see (kaituna and wairoa)? wouldn't it be relative to what you are kayaking for? i would consider a river like the mohaka because of it's remoteness and adventure.
what is best?

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Out of those three its the Wairoa. It provides good grade II, III and IV runs in a fairly safe predictable manner due to the planned flows, which makes it a great p[lace to learn. When I first paddled the Wairoa I never imagined that I could do the top section, or the bottom section for that matter, but 1 m,onth later I was doing the bottom waterfall with confidence, and 3 months later I was paddleing Mothers Nightmare. The next season I conquered the Waterfall and Rollercoaster. The only things against it is that its fairly short, and doesn't have a stellar play feature. Blair wrote: