Warning to all Kaituna paddlers!


The petty thief's who target the car park at the Kaituna put-in have upgraded to stealing cars. 2 (that i'm aware of) have been stolen this year with plenty more break-ins. The second car theft was yesterday in broad daylight (around 3pm). Neither of these cars have been recovered. Do NOT leave your keys with your car, the thief's have been hiding in the bushes somewhere and watching where peoples keys are hidden. Also park where your car is visible from the road (the car park by the control gates is best, or outside the fence on road side and face the drivers door to the road so at least its the passenger lock that gets punched). And obviously hide all valuables. Good luck.
Posted in Buy/Sell and Off the water so hopefully as many paddlers as possible see it. Thanks.

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i agree. but if they think they are being watched they will just wear a hoodie or bandana.

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These folks are BOLD I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was BUSY, folks everywhere and cars were still getting broken into!
It would seem theat the Cops are too "streched" or "impotent without evidence" or just to busy eating donuts. So I am proposing some "comunity based policing". Not giving these little F@#$%^S the bash, far from it, but a little covert survalence. There is a lot of high quality photographic and video gear within the boating comunity. How about instead of capturing your 235th run of the waterfall, that lense is trained on the carpark. I dont know if we will get a conviction, as there is a good chance that the "people" doing this are too young to be charged. But if they realise they are being watched they may think twice! As they are being pretty bold we should be able to get some footage easily.
A reward always helps things along, so if you can get some footage or pics of this stuff happening that the cops can use I'll put up a box of beer, anyone else out there keen to add to this??
If we dont do somthing it will only get worse, because we have done nothing and it has got to this point. Who's in?????