Super Rad or 185??

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Help a Canadian out :) I am trying to decide between a Super Rad or a Rad 185 - I am 175cm and 83 kg - I have sat in a Rad 185 and like that I can get my knees out wide taking the pressure off my hips and that I can get my feet turned out which is something that I have struggled with in other boats ... I am kind of concerned about the size/volume of the boat though - it seems a bit large compared to what I am used to - Is it a sterny boat?

Any thoughts as to whether based on my weight and height and what I have said here whether I would be better in the Super Rad? is it as comfortable upfront? would I be to big for it? And just to make things difficult any thoughts on the Smoothy - saw one for the first time on the Ottawa last week but have not heard to much about it ...

Any thoughts or advice would be helpful