Plastic Slalom Boats


What plastic boats are good for some casual slalom training to upskill your paddling. Eg Reflex? Would a bandit be any good in comparison to a modern creeker?

All ideas welcome

Xenon_Pirate's picture

I used the fox for about six months, made by perception and they are amazingly nice boats. I had some minor issues with it pulling but I think it was just my crap technique as nobody else who used one had the same problem...
So I'd recommend the perception fox.

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The outburst would be great I use my Cosmic when My son and wife want to use the slalom boat I need another slalom boat,

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Thanks Andy. Who makes fox? Would dagger outburst be similar to bandit etc?

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Reflex, Fox are good followed by Fly, RPM, Bandit, Turbo, Pirouette, all the older boats.