Author: Jordy (122.58.41.---)
Date: 3:16pm, 18 May 09

A werner powerhouse 193 and a werner sidekick 197 (I think) were stolen from the UCCC kayak trailor that we left at the top of Porters pass due to weather conditions. IF you here of anything let me know please

To whomever stole Willz and My paddles.

You are obviously paddlers, as you didnt take any other of the lesser paddles that were in the trailer. Also, you must be new to the sport as every true kayaker knows about the Karma of stealing other peoples gear. You are going to swim, break something, get hurt or worse. If other paddlers find out about you stealing gear they wont kayak with you or respect you. The kayak community is very tight knit. If you were drunk or something at the time ok but inow return our paddles to avoid all above and dodge any other repercussions.

I live at 1/562 Madras Street, just throw them over my fence and I will completely stop looking for you.

Jordy (and Willz)

Mine was a 203cm sidekick with the old style yellow colour blades on a carbon bent shaft. This is the only werner like this I have seen in NZ.


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haha oops, well atleast you got them back xD

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Three years on buddy, but yep they got returned.

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It's fairly obvious whoever did it is a complete twat...

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Not yet we haven't. But it's only been two weeks, trying to stay optimistic...

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i know this is a year on but: have you found them yet?

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Did u ever get them back?