Seat position and performance.


What do you expect to see in theory in terms of boofs, manouverability and stability as you go from extreme forward to extreme back seat positioning in a modern creeker with appropiate volume for the paddlers weight??

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Actually I moved seat back to old mid position and found this a good position for me. I think it does make a difference and it is worthwhile finding the position that suits your paddling style/boat.

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ah - an 's' through a eddie in the middle of the river?

I paddle Mystic so I think it similar with seat right forward. To change direction or one carve to another you need flatten your boat when you do the sweep, reach for your toes to start the sweep and with other hand low and close to your body think about pushing your toes in new direction as you start to rail in new direction. (dont lean on your paddle). I like seat forward for this, slightly harder to change direction but faster exit speed.

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Funnily enough far forward doesnt seem to work well for me and I am testing a more mid position. I am trying to improve my boof and modelling of s turns.

I found with seat forward it is more difficult to make my s turns as the boat tends to track on initial turn rather than responding when I initiate the sweep out of the eddy into the turn with the flow.

Or it could all just be my head...

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Ive played around with mine and now always have my seat as far forward as it goes in my mini. Pretty much for all the reasons johann said.

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Thanks, I am playing around with mini-mystic.. Will give some feedback in a couple of weeks. Look foward to other ideas on this topic.

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Depends on what boat and where the cockpit is but in general:

Forward will make the boat track better - (go straighter without sliding so you go faster and carve better). Also less likely to catch the tail in WW. But if your not used to this it can seem unforgiving and a little harder to boof.

Backwards will lighten the front for easier direction changing and easy boofs. But might make your tail and edges in the tail more likely to catch - depends on the boat. Because alot of weight is nearer the back of the boat it wil slide more and easier so relys on you pulling hard to get to where you want to go which sucks in high volume water.