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Hey guys/girls.

I currently am recovering from bicep tendonitis, and wonderin if anyone out there has had it?? Any-ways to speed up reovery?? How to prevent it re-accuring in the future?? So far im on my 5th week of recovery and pain has not subsided 100%. Its a bitch of an injury to have and i wanna go boating real bad!!

Any advice apprecitated


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Thankyou very much for the info.

I have been to a physiotherapist and the diagnosis was confirmed. I have been doing lots of shoulder and bicep stretches, but havn't been givin any strengthening exercises at present. I will book another app with the physio and see if she can give me some basic exercises.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards

Zane Young

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Hi. Here is a good article about biceps tendonitis.
Assuming the diagnosis is correct, ideal treatment starts with some rest and anti inflamatories but then active rehabilitation with the correct exercises (the wrong ones will make it worse). The absolute best strategy would be to see a Physiotherapist who specialises in sports injuries and rehab. They will confirm the diagnosis, check for other issues in the shoulder (often there is co-existing rotater cuff injuries or inflamation) and advise on the correct rehabilitation. Then monitor that the correct exercises are done correctly! It shouldn't take a lot of visits, maybe weekly for 3-4 weeks to check all is well. Its not what they do to you but what they get you to do for yourself. Active rehabilitation (with the correct exercises) is vital for rapid return to activity. Just resting will not do the trick in many cases and will leave components within the shoulder weaker and prone to worse injuries. good luck
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Yeah, it sucks real bad!!
Cool, thanks for your help,


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I've had tendonitis in my elbow and wrist but not my biceps.
I've heard biceps tendonitis can be associated with rotator cuff injuries, which are common for kayakers.

The only thing that has ever fixed tendonitis for me is rest (several weeks). It's hard, but don't be tempted to go boating until it's better, otherwise you'll just prolong your recovery.

There is a lot of info on-line:

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