Paddling around Blenheim - Advice?

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Hi there, Im recently moving to Blenheim from northern Hawkes Bay ( will be there from 1st Feb) and Im a real keen paddler. Just wanted to know what rivers there are to tackle in the area. Obviously im aware of the Buller and the runs shown on this site but wanted to know if there are any that arn't so commonly known? ones in Marlbrough would be best but no problem with ones slightly out of the region.
Also really keen to hook up with someone or a group or even a club? If anyone is happy to let me join up with them and their crew id be really appreciative. Im a confident grade 3+ to 4 kayaker and keen to get out any weekend as I should have most available.
any advice would be awsum..
Sam Manson

hoffmanlaus's picture


Ditto on the above. There are a few creeks up the Rai and Pelorus that are pretty fun looking but effort is required to boat them with some sense of fun, (tree chopping and rappells etc). Im in Blenheim most of the time so give us a bell whenever man ill be keen as. Also Buller fest is coming up soon mate so made it just in time. :)
Nick Hoffman

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Hi Sam ,there are a couple of rivers we head to but only when in flood,
give me a call , 021563428
cheers Andrew Lawson