Double dutch paddles


Has anyone out there had any trouble with their Double dutch paddle? Ive just had a blade break and a freind has had his repaired twice.


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yeah they are great to paddle with but you need to be really carefull with them

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I did a fair bit of reading up on them before i went and bought a new paddle for the season and they all seem to be quite fragile but the blade design and the way they go through the water is apparently really nice prior to breakage lol.

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Do you tie your paddle to the roof rack on the way to the river? I know some guys who went on a road trip with all their paddles on the roof and they all broke in the same place....

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its a common problem, and as long as its not misuse which they need to proove it should be covered under the warranty (if within period) You have rights and if he refuses there is always small claims court.

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My mates double dutch is also starting to break, blade seperating away from the shaft. It has full manufacturing warenty but the importers say its not covered

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where has it broken? I have had real issues getting mine fixed as well as its over 6months old.

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there's a young polo player in welly who's had a double dutch paddle break on him several times without any major incident leading to it but the vendor doesn't want to replace it...

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mate had his come off there too..........

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Hey there
yeah i have ae i just look at my paddle on the other and my blade is starting to detach itself from where it joins to the shaft do you have the email adresse or contact number of the guy that imports them?


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I've got a slalom and river Double dutch paddles with no probs; but I have not broken a paddle in 15 years.