NZ made boat that handles like an RPM


Hey people,

I have been in the market for a fleet of kayaks that will do everything I need them to do for beginner/intermediate kayakers- The Dagger RPM has been the bench mark and I tend to agree except for the nasty price tag- Approx $1600 + GST

I have challenged the boys at Bliss Stick Kayak Company to design a boat that handles similar to a RPM and one that is better for the budget. Their response was that they only cater for big water and specialised boats....HOWEVER if I could get enough interest (about 50 boats worth) this would make a good case for them to make a new mould and design a NZ made boat that handles similar to a Dagger RPM.

They indicated that this would work out to be about $900 / boat + GST.

This means several things...

Twice as much boat for your buck
NZ local pre and post customer service
Supporting Kiwi made

To me this is quite an exciting opportunity...

Please pass this on to anyone who might benefit.

I would like to know how much interest there is out there to jump on this? Interested in anyones comments or thoughts to get this ball rolling


JT email

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I reckon a Pyranha Z-ONE is the nearest thing to an RPM. It's like the best of the Inazone combine with the best of the RPM. It has length, planing hull, rails, and comfort. You won't get all four in an RPM. Yes it's an import, but I haven't the patience to hang around waiting for the past to catch up with the future. I have a size M and I'm very old school ('cos I'm getting on a bit) and weigh 88kg and I'm 1.8m.

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Great idea, I would love one!! Would be cheaper than Dagger!

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I'd buy one, as would many I expect.

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I recently saved up and shelled out to purchase an RPM from NZKS, however if such a boat had been available made in NZ, with modern outfitting, and made in NZ, I would have leapt at the chance. Surely this is an opportunity for Bliss-Stick!

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Although I am not in a position to purchase more than 1 of these boats if Bliss-stick produced them, I am very supportive of this idea.

I have thrown it around myself saying that a boat similar in style to the rpm, kendo or wavesport kinetic with a modern fitout would be great for beginners, instructors and grade 3 river runners.

The other idea a mystic-duo - I would personally be keen for that too!

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Some of the uni clubs could/should be interested in this. Will pass it on to the AUCC exec.