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Im a student at AUT taking part in an outdoor recreational leadership course. I'm looking for a 2, 3 or 4 day trip on grade 2+,3,4-, hopefully somewhere where you cannot normally get access to for a day trip, possibly 40 to 90 km in length, it could include a portage. A source to sea or source to lake trip might be interesting. Somewhere that many people don't paddle would be cool. If anyone could suggest the name of a river, section, grade, length, shuttle, camp sites, necessary flows, interesting things about the trip and any other relevant details it would be greatly appreciated.

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Check out the Ngaruroro River for 4-6 days. It's in the guide book. The first few days are class 2-2+ depending on flows. It starts with a fly in and ends with the option of paddling a grade 3 to 4 section below for stronger paddlers. This is also a great raft support mission and has many different camping\hut options. Best done in summer and incredibly scenic with great fishing. Have a chat to Tihoi Venture School for more info as they run the trip twice a year.

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if you look into the mohaka talk to the guys at Kiwi Adventure Trust in napier who did a source to sea of it last year.

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hey thanks heaps for everything guys. discussing the motu with my class, sounds pretty good eh! dunno if i can do a fly in on anything though. theres about 16 of us going.

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The Waioeka is another good one. Close to Motu. I believe you can fly in to the top which is G3-4 and continue on to the lower runs which are G2 over a few days. There's a lovely homestay right next to the river at the beginning of the G2 which Mary and Bob Redpath own and they are super accomodating. Needs some rain. The bottom is really nice if you want to practice teaching skills with a couple of 2+/3- rapids that are easy to practice scouting and safety techiniques on.


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How about either the Motu, 3-4 day trip, contact Motu Jet for a shuttle. You can get a jetboat ride out to save a half days paddling. Or Ngaruroro 3-4 days with a fly in. The shuttle needs some working out. Make sure your boat fits in the back of a Cessna aircraft. It's possible to stock up on food on the Gental Annie Rd. Both trips are 90Km.
Happy paddling

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try Mohaka-epic shuttle............