Slalom boat building


Scored myself a mould for a slalom kayak. Not to sure how good it will go but seems like something fun to do on the side.

However I have no idea how to build/glass/make the damm thing. So looking for some tips for me and the flatties to create these bad boys.

Fire away below with some tips


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Check out glassing tips on the net - there are heaps of vids
Use a release wax on the mould whenever you lay up the glass.
Use minimum amount of resin necessary to 'wet out' the glass - squegee excess resin off the layup area.
Leave to cure for a little bit (depending could be 4 hours to a day) then lay up your next layer.
Don't use a waxed resin on any but your last layer unless you want to sand every single layer (will stop subsequent layers from sticking properly)
Practice on a plastic bucket or something (these generally release pretty well - also good for making simple paddle blades with a spoon curve.
Check out the mould first - if it has nicks and gouges you need to put some work into that first to get it super smooth
Best way to learn is to just do it.....

Dodgy dan

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Make sure you use dust masks when you sand it down, and sand it outside as the fiberglass dust is pretty bad for you and makes everything very itchy also!