Werner Double Diamond ?


I have heard of the Werner Double diamond , has anyone used these & what do they think of them ? would you get it in a crank & what offset ?

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I have a werner double diamond, I think it's a great paddle but it doesn't have a great deal of catch compared to a lot of other paddles out there. I use mine solely for playboating and love it for that purpose, but I wouldn't use it for any paddling that I found hard. I use a carbon powerhouse for creeking, and it's FAR better for this style of paddling.

Also I've seen the foam cored blades snap/crack. They're still strong, but in my opinion not worth the extra money over the carbon version. In my opinion, the foam filled blades are lighter, stiffer and float better than the carbon versions, but are no stronger.

The cheaper fibreglass version's are also very strong, but again they are heavier.

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hi there

I've used a double diamond for the last 5 years (some of those years it paddled 100+ day's a year) and it's still going i love it. i have a 45% off set which is pretty standard as i use mine more for creeking with some play boating thrown in. Also have a look at the shaft sizes available large and small i enjoy the smaller size as it fit's my hand better. Cranks shaft is a good option if your doing lot's of paddling but if not a straight will be fine. The only thing i would say is it is a stiff paddle so if you get sore wrists or get tendinitises in you lower arms i'd stare away from it.

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I have used a werner double diamond with a 0 degree offset for the last 2.5 years. Used for both creeking and playboating ive found it to be very good at both. If your more used to traditional offsets probably a 30 -20 degree would be best, it makes flatwater cartwheeling and stalling etc far easier.

The paddle is also extremely strong, I have never seen a werner shaft break. Worth the investment if youre looking for a quality paddle.

Cameron Thomson