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Hi there,

I am moving to dunedin in March from Oz. Looking out for a short term flat when i get there with an aim to buy up something close to the beach eventually. If there are any paddlers in dunedin who had a spare room and would be keen to let it out for a bit it would be great to hear! I am looking on trade-me and atm but wouldn't mind meeting some paddlers/outdoors people straight up, even if you don't have a room available.

Am 26, paddled for a while now but it has been over 6 months since my last decent paddle (a bit of G3 here and there in between). Have ordered the new WS project which should arrive in feb and will look into a creeker when i get there (hoping to find a solo). Also like a bit of a surf (hence something close to the beach...), bouldering, MTBiking etc.

Have a job, lived in share houses a lot and cleaner and a better cook than your average paddler :). I work from home so will be looking into an internet connection if none available.

Any info/contact really appreciated!

Dan Gregg