Waikato Navigation Safety Bylaw 2013


Waikato Regional Council have introduced a Navigation Safety Bylaw that includes draconian and unworkable provisions that dramatically diminish whitewater access in the Waikato region.

Whitewater NZ submitted on the bylaw and presented at hearings in March 2013, but the WRC implemented the bylaw unchanged.

Kayakers are banned from within 200m of a hydro dam structure, upstream or downstream. This affects access to many regional runs including Aratiatia below Aratiatia Power Station (MRP), Access 14 below Rangipo dam (Genesis Energy), Access 10 below Poutu intake (Genesis Energy), and the Mokau River below Wairere Power station (King Country Energy).

An exemption costing $125 is potentially available if applied for in advance.


  • 2 September 2013: Bylaw amended to only apply to the Waikato River (PDF, 11KB).
  • 1 July 2013: Bylaw becomes operative.
  • March 2013: hearings in Hamilton.
  • 17 December 2012: Waikato Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw draft publicly notified.