Our purpose is to preserve New Zealand's whitewater resources and enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.

2016 AGM and Canoeist of the Year

On Saturday 27 July, Whitewater NZ held its Annual General Meeting at University of Canterbury, Christchurch. We reviewed the previous year's achievements and challenges (PDF, 1.3MB). Other highlights included:

  • Ian Fox updated attendees regarding improvements to the Tekapo Whitewater Course.
  • Matt Bennett gave a thought-provoking presentation analysing patterns of thinking that can aggravate risks when experts are kayaking together.
  • An amendment to the constitution to move to an annual financial review of accounts instead of an audit was passed.
  • We welcome Nigel Parry as President, Robin Rutter-Baumann as Vice-president, Ashley 'Cheese' Cheesman as Safety Officer, Carey Lintott as Communications Officer, and Justin Venable as Membership Officer. Thanks to departing Exec members Graeme Wilson (Vice-president), Shaun McCracken (Safety), Martina Naplawa (Communications), Peter Davis (Membership) for their hard work over several years.
  • Some strong candidates were nominated as , with Luuka Jones winning the award in recognition of her achievement at the Rio Olympics.

Full minutes are available.

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