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New Zealand Canoeing is the official newsletter of Whitewater NZ. NZ Canoeing is (usually) published three times a year and distributed free to all members of the NZRCA.

Contributions of articles, trip reports, advertisements, and letters for publication are gratefully received.

Also NZ Canoeing welcomes advertising from organisations associated with whitewater kayaking. Please contact for advertising rates, and find out how to show your products and services to kayakers around NZ.

NZ Canoeing has been discontinued.

Previous issues

14.1, Spring 2013
High water on the Thuli Bheri (Polly Miller), Conservation Update (Doug Rankin, Graeme Wilson, Ally Price), Hollyford Holiday Hoedown (Andrew Yates).
Download NZ Canoeing 14.1 (PDF, 780KB)

13.2, Spring 2013
The Atiwhakatu (Fergus Bramley), Paddling Mums (Emily Moore), Papua New Guinea Revisited (Matt Coles), Packrafting (Shane and Jane Davidson).
Download NZ Canoeing 13.2 (PDF, 1.3MB)

13.1, Summer 2013
Conservation update (Doug Rankin and Miriam Odlin), How to build a world class play-wave (Tony Ward-Holmes), Events and releases, Bay of Plenty Energy letter re restricted Aniwhenua Power Station access areas.
Download NZ Canoeing 13.1 (PDF, 5MB)

12.2, Winter 2012
Whitewater New Zealand News, Canoeist of the Year, Easter on the Clarence, Releases and Events, Pack ‘n’ Paddle, Conservation News, Outstanding Rivers Campaign, Access on Aratiatia.
Download NZ Canoeing 12.2 (PDF, 5MB)

12.1, Summer 2012
Whitewater New Zealand News, Safety Course Subsidy, Women on Whitewater (Kylie Laxton-Blinkhorn), Conservation Update (Tony Ward-Holmes), NZKS turns 20! (Sarah Fawcett), Mōkihinui, Mōkihinui, Mōkihinui, Mōkihinui, Eh (Mick Hopkinson), How good is your rescue kit and techniques? Part 2 (Matt Barker), Wairehu Playhole (Matt Bennett), Releases and Events.
Download NZ Canoeing 12.1 (PDF, 5.7MB)

11.2, Winter 2011
Simon Davidson (Matt Burton, Tyler Fox, Louise Urwin, Josh Neilson), Mokau victory! (Terry Lasenby), Whitewater Grand Prix (Louise Urwin), Conservation News (Tony Ward-Holmes), Releases and Events, How good is your rescue kit and techniques? Part 1 (Matt Barker)
Download NZ Canoeing 11.2 (PDF, 3.5Mb)

11.1, Autumn 2011
West Coast Whitewater is officially awesome (Andy England), A tribute to Graham Egarr (Paul Caffyn), Conservation News: Matiri, Mokihinui (Tony Ward-Holmes), COW closes (David Welch), Adventure on the Upper Hokitika (Nic Thomas), Damn the dams - the quiet way (Miriam Odlin)
Download NZ Canoeing 11.1 (PDF, 5Mb)

10.3, Summer 2010
Too precious to dam (Polly Miller), Lessons from Mangatepopo (Mick Hopkinson), Conservation News (Land and Water Forum, Hurunui River Moratorium, Mokihinui / Nevis / Mokau, Matiri) (Tony Ward-Holmes), Releases and Events, Highlights... (Toni George)
Download NZ Canoeing 10.3 (PDF, 4.7Mb)

10.2, Spring 2010
Conservation News (Rivers in the media, Hurunui River moratorium, Mokihinui River, Mokihinui Stockton film, Central Plains Water, Land and Water Forum, Nevis River Decision) (Tony Ward-Holmes), Respect to the Hutt Gorge @ 2.55m (Ruby Kopelov), Kiwi kayakers excel at home and overseas (Miriam Odlin), Releases and Events.
Download NZ Canoeing 10.2 (PDF, 9.7Mb)

10.1, Autumn 2010 - The Blacker issue
Conservation news (Mokihinui dam, Canterbury Water Conservation Orders) (Tony Ward-Holmes), Hurunui (Polly Miller), Rock snot is not the only pest to look out for in our rivers (ARC), Your contributions, Releases and Events
Download NZ Canoeing 10.1 (PDF, 7.7Mb)

09.3, Summer 2009
Conservation news (Hurunui, Matiri, Mokihinui, CPW, Log books, Access) (Tony Ward-Holmes), A day on a wild river (Tony Ward-Holmes), The Upper Waiau River (Polly Miller), What is a river worth? (Jeremy Watt), Release schedule
Download NZ Canoeing 09.3 (PDF, 5.2Mb)

09.2, Winter 2009
Canoeist of the Year - Graeme Wilson (WWCC), Conservation News (Tony Ward-Holmes), NZRCA Whitewater NZ (Polly Miller), Release schedule
Download NZ Canoeing 09.2 (PDF, 1.2Mb)

09.1, Summer 2009
NZRCA Draft Conservation Strategy (Duncan Catanach), Conservation News (Tony Ward-Holmes), AGM, The Clarence River (Maggie Oakley), Release schedule, [Seeking] Canoeist of the Year.
Download NZ Canoeing 09.1 (PDF, 1.2Mb)

08.2, Spring 2008 - 'The Black Issue'
Newssplashes, How would your Government answer? Murchison favourite, Matakitaki and Glenroy under threat, Our rivers are not renewable (Chris Todd), A perfect storm (Tony Ward-Holmes), But wait… there's more (Tony Ward-Holmes)
Download NZ Canoeing 08.2 (PDF, 1.6Mb)

08.1, Winter 2008
Canoeist of the Year announced!, Newssplashes, Rivers under threat, Pack paddling on the Upper Kakapotahi (Joe Bousquin), New Thinking to Save Rivers - Part III (Guy Salmon).
Download NZ Canoeing 08.1 (PDF, 3.2Mb)

07.2, Spring 2007
Reprieve for the Gowan! (Guido Wassink), Rescue Course Subsidy Guidelines, Protecting the Hurunui from dam-nation (Tony Ward-Holmes), Newsplashes, New thinking needed to save our rivers (Guy Salmon), Pinned in the Whataroa River (John Rice).
Download NZ Canoeing 07.2 (PDF, 1.9Mb)

07.1, Autumn 2007
Extreme whitewater races on the rise (Guido Wassink), Newssplashes, New thinking needed to save our rivers (Guy Salmon), Andy Duff Race 2007 (Douglass McCormick), Arunachal Pradesh kayak expedition (Alan Ellard).
Download NZ Canoeing 07.1 (PDF, 1.5Mb)

06.2, Spring 2006
Great win for the Mokau River (Guido Wassink), What's in a name? (Simon Callaghan), Sam the Apprentice (Mick Hopkinson), The Central Plains Water Scheme (Tony Ward-Holmes), Long Time Dead... (Andy England), A brief guide on running waterfalls, part 2 (Chris Joose).
Download NZ Canoeing 06.2 (PDF, 4.3Mb)

06.1, Winter 2006
Canoeist of the Year 2006 - Dave Ritchie (Wayne Johnson), We Care About Your Safety!, Newssplashes (Guido Wassink), Life after Project Aqua - What does it mean for river conservation? (Duncan Catanach), Arnold River - a Popular Resource (Andy England), Epic Coast to Coast Journey (Tim Sikma), New Zealand Whitewater 4th edition (Graham Charles), Running Waterfalls - Some thoughts on how to approach bigger drops... (Chris Joosse).
Download NZ Canoeing 06.1 (PDF, 3.1Mb)

05.3, Summer 2005
Summer around the corner (Guido Wassink), Newssplashes (Guido Wassink), Kaituna Gorge (Mike Dawson), Kaituna Hydro-project Lowdown (Duncan Catanach, Guido Wassink), Paddlers and Rocksnot: Keeping it clean (Guido Wassink), Creeking on the Val Sesia (Polly Miller), Sad but true (Mick Hopkinson), Legends of Aotearoa (Tony Ward-Holmes).
Download NZ Canoeing 05.3 (PDF, 3.3Mb)

05.2, Winter 2005
Paddling towards slightly more moderate paddling temperatures... (Guido Wassink), Newssplashes (Guido Wassink), Hottest Conservation, Access , Safety and Education news (including Access to Waterways and RMA Election Issues) (Tony Ward-Holmes), The Inaugural Tongariro and Whakapapa Releases: Tongariro Releases, April 2005 (Alan Bell), The Inaugural Tongariro and Whakapapa Releases: Whakapapa release, July 2005 (Mike Birch), Wise up to the White Stuff Part 3 (Matt Barker), Canoeist of the Year - Mike Abbott (Jonathan Hunt).
NZ Canoeing 05.2 (PDF, 2.5Mb)

05.1, Summer 2005
A season of it (Tony Ward-Holmes), Conservation Update (Duncan Catanach), Death of the Mokau (Duncan Catanach), First Descent of the Mokau, Living Rivers Coalition launched in December 2004, Hugh Canard's speech at the Living Rivers Coalition launch, 15 December 2004 (Hugh Canard), Gowan (Duncan Catanach).
NZ Canoeing 05.1 (PDF, 1.1Mb)

04.2, Spring 2004
Newssplashes (Tony Ward-Holmes), Releases (Tony Ward-Holmes), Risk and Recreation, Reflections on the Buller Drowning Jan 2002 (Tony Ward Holmes), Rangitata Win (Maree Baker), Canoeist of the Year (Graham McIntyre), Wise Up to the White Stuff Part 2 (Matt Barker), Sanitising Our Wild Places (Mark Jones).
NZ Canoeing 04.2 (PDF, 0.6Mb)

04.1, Winter 2004
Newssplashes (Tony Ward-Holmes), Releases (Tony Ward-Holmes), Conservation (Maree Baker and Duncan Catanach), Wise Up to the White Stuff 1 (Matt Barker), Criminal Nuisance Prosecutions in Recreation: Cause For Concern? (Dr Pip Lynch).
NZ Canoeing 04.1 (PDF, 1.1Mb)

03.3, Summer 2003
Roll on summer! (Tony Ward-Holmes), Newssplashes (Tony Ward-Holmes), Releases (Tony Ward-Holmes), Public Liability (Glenn Murdoch), Labour weekend on the Clarence (Polly Miller), Alan Hoffman: COTY 2003 (Kirsty Hoffman), Conservation and Access (Anonymous), Steep action in Bolivia (Dave Moore), Legends of Aotearoa Whitewater: Sargood's Weir (Tony Ward-Holmes, Robin Rutter-Baumann).
NZ Canoeing 03.3 (PDF, 1Mb)

03.2, Winter 2003
Newssplashes (Tony Ward-Holmes), Legends of Aotearoa whitewater (Hugh Canard), Annual Report to Members 2003 (Robin Rutter-Baumann), Financial report (Lynne Fuggle), AGM Business, Remit to change the NZRCA constitution.
NZ Canoeing 03.2 (PDF, 0.5Mb)

03.1, Autumn 2003
Editorial (Tony Ward-Holmes), From the Presidential suite (Robin Rutter-Baumann), Newssplashes, Conservation (Maree Baker), Old Man River (Graham Charles), Eight days on the Franklin (Polly Miller), Safety (Glenn Murdoch), Canoeist of the Year (Maggie Oakley).
NZ Canoeing 03.1 (PDF, 0.4Mb)

02.3, Spring 2002
President's Comment (Robin Rutter-Baumann), Focus on the Executive, Maggie Oakley, NZRCA Canoeist of the Year (Sue Abbott), Competition for Water (Hugh Canard), Adventures on the Turkish Coruh River (Mike Savory), What Mick Hopkinson Takes Boating (Mick Hopkinson), Conservation Update (Maree Baker), The Adams Wilderness Area (Jonathan Hunt), Opening of the Tekapo White Water Course (Ian Russell), The NZRCA needs Clubs!
NZ Canoeing 02.3 (PDF, 2.8Mb)

02.2, Autumn 2002
Welcome to the Autumn issue of NZ Canoeing (Polly Miller), News from your Association (Polly Miller), Gowan appealed (Polly Miller), Graham's view on the Lower Hokitika (Graham Charles), Free training days from Water Safety New Zealand (Brendon Ward), Wafting... down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River (Mick Hopkinson), Voyage around Stewart Island (Ian Algie), Kayak West Coast Search and Rescue Update (Sam Rainey), Letter from Pat Hyland re the Tekapo Slalom Course (Pat Hyland).

02.1, Summer 2002
The President's word on whio (Robin Rutter-Baumann), River alterations (Graham Charles), Tekapo course update (Mike Savory), A tale of two girlies on the Madi Khola (Polly Miller), Tragedy on the Lower Hokitika (Vladimir Filipovic), Let's all help the fabulous Blue Duck (whio) (Ian Gill), The Ruakituri River (Alan Bell), The Rangitikei River in the year 2050 (Laura Nicol), A Christmas wish to members of the NZRCA Executive (Doug Rankin), Highlights from the Rangitata River Water Conservation Order hearing (Maree Baker).
NZ Canoeing 02.1 (PDF, 0.1Mb)

01.2, Spring 2001
Spring is sprung! (Polly Miller), NZRCA Canoeist of the Year (Laura Nicol), Water Conservation Order on the Buller River (Doug Rankin), The story of the Tortoise and her Knee on her journey of the Coast to Coast (Laura Nicol), By Hoki (Don Allardice), West Coast Whitewater Search and Rescue update (Sam Rainey), Update on Surfer's Ear (Doug Rankin).
NZ Canoeing 01.2 (PDF, 2.8Mb)

01.1, Autumn 2001
Changes in the Executive, Annual General Meeting, Clarence update (Doug Rankin), Tekapo course is all go (Ian Russell), West Coast River Search and Rescue Team (Matthew Bennett), Caveat Emptor (Mick Hopkinson), Words of wisdom from Gareth Fryer (Gareth Fryer), The Karamea River - Sheer magic (Alan Bell), Heard about Surfer's Ear? (Doug Rankin), Results of the Membership Survey (Polly Miller).
NZ Canoeing 01.1 (PDF, 3.1Mb)

00.3, Summer 2000
Hydro scheme on the Arnold (Glen Murdoch), Reports from the Maritime Safety Authority (Janet Nicol), Tongariro Power Development Update (Maree Baker), Rafting on the Yampa River (Mike Savory), Boating in Corsica (Alistair Quinn), Public liability (Kent France), Excerpt from letter to West Coast Conservation Board (Jonathan Hunt), Flow dates on the Tekapo, Pukaki and Mangahao (Mike Savory) and a Membership survey (Polly Miller).
NZ Canoeing 00.3 (PDF, 0.1Mb)

00.2, Spring 2000
Canoeist of the Year (Hugh Canard), President's comment (Robin Rutter-Baumann), Events (Polly Miller, Sarah McRae), North Island resource consents project (Wade Bishop) - Tongariro Power Development (TPD) and Waikato River resource consents project, Paddling in California (Polly Miller), President's Confessions (Robin Rutter-Baumann), That mighty river... (Matthew Bennett), Membership update (Polly Miller), Attention kayakers using Homer Hut (Robin McNeill).
NZ Canoeing 00.2 (PDF, 3.4Mb)

00.1, Autumn 2000
From the Executive (Polly Miller), Tasman Council River Works (Sarah McRae), News Splash (Polly Miller), Access to the Karangarua (Tony Ward-Holmes), Rodeo Worlds (Polly Miller), Buller workday at New Year (Polly Miller), To boat and not to be (Mick Hopkinson), Chris Emerick on the Upper Hokitika (Chris Emerick), Swiftwater Rescue on the Nevis River (Polly Miller), Upper Otaki Gorge (Chris Sinclair), The Whanganui River Guide (Polly Miller), The NZOIA/NZRCA Kayak Instructor Award Scheme (Janette Kear), Book Review: New Zealand Whitewater (Chris Sinclair).
NZ Canoeing 00.1 (PDF, 3Mb)

99.3, Summer 1999
Changes to NZ Canoeing (Polly Miller), White Water Rodeo Worlds (Jo Lucas), Treaty issues (Sarah McRae), Buller work-day at New Year (Mick Hopkinson), Dam proposed on the Rangitata (Ian Logie), Mangahao madness (Colin Leitch), Tekapo slalom and rodeo site update (Ian Russell), New Zealand Whitewater (Graham Charles), Tamur magic (Sarah McRae) (Bill Thomson), Boat review (Graham Egarr), Wednesday on the Whitcombe (David Mangnall), Conservation Update (Maree Baker), Roaring Meg (John Snook), The NZRCA safety subsidy (Ian Logie).
NZ Canoeing 99.3 (PDF, 2.5Mb)

99.2, Spring 1999
NZRCA Annual General Meeting, Non-Canoeist of the Year, New Boats, Conservation Confluence (Maree Baker), Conclusion to the Clarence (Maree Baker), Mangahao release (Timon Walkley), Paddling flooded rivers (Hugh Canard), NZRCA safety subsidy (Ian Logie), Assessment blues (Ian Ruthven), Pukaki release (Kate Downer), River flow dates.
NZ Canoeing 99.2 (PDF, 3Mb)

99.1, Autumn 1999
From the Executive (AGM, Keen Person Wanted, Conservation Confluence, We're out there), The President Reports (Sarah McRae), The Club Column: Marlborough Canoe Club (Ngaire Lawson), The Clarence Endangered: NZRCA's Appeal to the Environment Court, On Any Sunday: Memories of Matt Daly (Sue Olaman and Carl Waddick), News re Rafting Kiwis place 5th in World Champs, Resource Management Act under review - have your say (Maree Baker), Shoulder dislocations: Lessons learned on the Rangitata (Robin Rutter-Baumann), Te Hoe River: Sat 14 Nov 1998, New Kiwi boats, Canoeist falls foul of law, Waipori Dam, Rodeo World Cup news, Pre-world results.
NZ Canoeing 99.1 (PDF, 12.8Mb)

98.3, Spring 1998
NZRCA Canoeist of the Year, The President Reports (Sarah McRae), Waikaremoana resource consent, Clarence river resource consent hearing, Letter from Hugh Canard re Kawatiri Play Group, Quarrying the Clarence (Paul Macey), World Rodeo Champs, Pilgrimage to the River Gods, Dagger and Perception merge, Forestry get-ins, Fifteen minutes at Clarks Fork, Yellowstone (Mick Hopkinson), Testing out the Tekapo (Paul Macey), Taking on the Takaputahi (Craig Peerless and Rob Worlledge), River Safety Courses (Mark Planner).
NZ Canoeing 98.3 (PDF, 12.1Mb)

98.2, Winter 1998
AGM date and venue, Annual Canoeist of the Year Trophy, OSH clarifies coverage for recreational users, NZ paddler in US accident, Tekapo slalom site development update, MSA releases report, NZRCA announces new membership options, Bio-Bio dam still in standoff, New Membership options, Letters from David Alderton and Hugh Canard, Annual Report to Members (Paul Macey), Financial Report (Fiona Mackay), Conservation (Andy Hollings), Water Conservation Orders (Geoff Price), Threat to the RMA (Ritz Wood), Access [Wairoa, Waipori], Recreational Water Releases (Mike Savory), The Hallelujah Chorus to the River Safety Courses (Ritz Wood), Safety (Mark Planner), Education (Janette Kear), Aorere River (Hugh Canard), Three go mad in South Westland [Cook, Mahitahi, Manakaiaua] (Justin Randall).
NZ Canoeing 98.2 (PDF, 12.7Mb)

98.1, Autumn 1998
Editorial (Jonathan Hunt), Tragedy on Roaring Meg, NZRCA submission on road reform, Access threats in Kahurangi National Park, BullerFest '98 a big hit, New Stealth from Quality Kayaks, Logo competition closed, Steady progress on Tekapo slalom site, Upper Toaroha paddled, Huka Falls 'race', The Lochy River (Keith Riley), Golden Bay - Under Development [Takaka, Waingaro, Stanley, Anatoki, Slate] (Steve Garside), Every kayaker's dream - an inflatable friend! (Erik Bradshaw), Upper Maruia and Blue Grey (Tony Ward-Holmes), From the prez... (Paul Macey), Conservation (Maree Baker), Access (Jonathan Hunt), Education (Janette Kear), Letters from Anne Thomson and Graham Charles, Kayaking Season (Kaye Martin), A Motu Trip (Paul Macey).
NZ Canoeing 98.1 (PDF, 12.4Mb)

97.3, Summer 1997
Editorial (Jonathan Hunt), NZCA becomes NZRCA, 1997 Canoeist of the Year, Kiwis impress at Ottawa rodeo, Paddling magazine launched, Tekapo/Pukaki dates agreed, Huka Falls to feature in race, NZ to host champs, Tekapo Whitewater Trust report to NZCA/NZRCA AGM (Ian Russell), Conservation (Maree Baker), President's report to the NZCA AGM (Paul Macey), The Deepdale rediscovered (Tony Ward-Holmes), Safety (Robin Baumann), Accident & Incident Report form.
NZ Canoeing 97.3 (PDF, 3Mb)

97.2, Winter 1997
Editorial (Duncan Humphreys), A common question - who are the NZCA? (Maree Baker), NZCA's proposed name change - NZRCA, NZCA to the Colorado (Mike Savory), News, Conservation [Kawarau, Buller, Clarence, Hurunui, Rangitaiki] (Maree Baker), Access [Waipori, Wairoa, Tekapo, Rangitaiki], Paddling the unknown: The first descent of the West Coast Burke River (Keith Riley), Callery River (Paul Macey), The Fulcrum (Rob Dunn).

97.1, Autumn 1997
A note from the editor (Rick McGregor), Conservation Flash (Maree Baker), Waikaia River - Southland (Keith Riley).
NZ Canoeing 97.1 (PDF, 12.5Mb)

NZCanoeing & Rafting ceased publication for a number of years, before being revived in 1997 as NZ Canoeing.

#40, September 1989
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #40 (PDF, 5.8Mb)

#39, September 1988
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #39 (PDF, 10.4Mb)

#38, May 1988
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #38 (PDF, 5.8Mb)

#37, Winter 1986
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #37 (PDF, 6.2Mb)

#36, Autumn 1985
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #36 (PDF, 23Mb)

#35, Summer 1985
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #35 (PDF, 22Mb)

#34, Spring 1984
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #34 (PDF, 21Mb)

#33, Winter 1984
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #33 (PDF, 18Mb)

NZ Canoeing & Rafting #32 is missing - can you help us find a copy?

#31, Summer 1984
Comment (Graham Egarr), Nevis! (Tony Marcinowski), Australian ramblings (Paul Caffyn), Waipara explored (Hugh Canard), Book review: The outdoor world of Graeme Dingle (Jan Egarr), The Waikato marathon, Kayak plans, NZ Whitewater canoeing championships - Easter, April 20-22, Wanganui river minimum flows set, Kaimoana.
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #31 (PDF, 26Mb)

#30, Spring 1983
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #30 (PDF, 19Mb)

#29, Winter 1983
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #29 (PDF, 19Mb)

#28, Autumn 1983
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #28 (PDF, 19Mb)

#27, Summer 1983
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #27 (PDF, 20Mb)

#26, Spring 1982
NZ Canoeing & Rafting #26 (PDF, 19Mb)

#22, July 1981
Editorial, Access to Rivers - The law, Trespass - The law, Kayaks and rafts behind the sugar cane curtain, Mohaka river power investigations, The Mohaka by raft (John Howes), Slalom technique (John McLeod), Fulljames, Whakapapa epic (Peter Sutcliffe), Power development on the Waitaki river, A weekend in Central Otago (David Pilditch), River guide - Kawarau river (Graham and Jan Egarr), A Clarence river trip (Jim Hutton), Cook Strait crossing (Eric Terzaghi), Canoeist's Safety Officer comments (Graham Egarr), River protection - Where we are at, Wairoa river-Tauranga - Flow dates (Roy Tallon), Australian sprint championships 1981 (Ben Hutchings), Australian slalom trip (Lynn Goodwin), North Island slalom championships - Wairoa March 28-29, South Island slalom championships (David Pilditch), Ruahine whitewater club - Pukeokahu March 1, Tarawera Canoe Club - Mangate Bridge May 16, NZCA President's report - July 1981.
NZ Canoeing #22 (PDF, 9Mb)

#21, 1981
NZ Canoeing #21 (PDF, 19Mb)

#20, 1981
NZ Canoeing #20 (PDF, 8.6Mb)

#19, 1980
NZ Canoeing #19 (PDF, 9.2Mb)

#18, 1980
NZ Canoeing #18 (PDF, 8.4Mb)

#17, 1980
NZ Canoeing #17 (PDF, 7.5Mb)

#16, 1980
NZ Canoeing #16 (PDF, 6.4Mb)

#15, 1979
NZ Canoeing #15 (PDF, 5.4Mb)

#13, 1979
NZ Canoeing #13 (6.5MB)

1977 Bulletin April
NZ Canoeing 1977 Bulletin April (5.8MB)

1977 Bulletin 7
NZ Canoeing 1977 Bulletin 7 (7.6MB)