Canoeing the Mokau, Mangamahoe South

A mate and myself were thinking about taking a canoe trip down the Mokau, from around about the Mangamahoe out to the sea. It looks like a nice float through the bush.

If anyone has any advice on this canoeing this stretch, whether there any serious rapids etc, it would be much appreciated.


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Hey Terry

Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to call these guys - and to keep an eye out for a red boat!

C ya

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come on terry, you can admit that it was your red boat and you took a swim - we won't hold it against you ;)

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Contact the Canoe & Kayak store in New Plymouth. 06-7695506
I'm sure they could help you. I think they take guided (multi day) trips there.If you do go keep your eyes open for a red mystic creek boat lost from further up about a year ago. Apparently the gear in the back of it is worth more than the boat and the guy would love it back.