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Mangakarengorengo / Ngamuwahine Bridge to McLaren Falls, III (V) (P)

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2500mm+ High, 2000mm Medium, 1600mm Low
1-2 hours
Put in: 
Ngamuwhahine Bridge
Take out: 
Above McLaren Falls
Fun bedrock flood kayaking
Hot tip: 
Look out for the Abyss and do not miss the take out above McLaren Falls

Mangakorengorengo has been a classic Bay of Plenty flood run for the locals. With a large catchment area, this gem does not need much rain to get flowing. Make sure to catch the gauge before hand, low flows are not boat friendly thanks to the coarse bedrock.

From the Ngamuwhine bridge, it is a short paddle to the confluence to Mangakorengorengo (Make sure to use the turn-style/step the farmer kindly installed). The river splits into two channels: both are class III+, most people go river right to paddle of a super clean 3m waterfall. Scoutable on river left. Below the waterfall is about 100m of class III.

Shortly after the class III is some more grade III, watch out for a loud roar as you approach the Abyss (V). Most people stick river left to find an eddy, if not there are eddys on river right above the drop. Scout river left and decide to run it or not.

Below the Abyss is some class II-III action for a kilometre, once you get to the flat section. Watch out for fords, swimmers have gone under these before. Not fun.

Immediately after the ford is a nice class III+ rapid, most people go river left and hard river right to avoid the hole at the bottom on river left. Scoutable on river right. After this is 300m of fun class III, where you will a steep rapid. Make sure to follow the deep water and stay up right. It can be quite shallow. From here, negotiate some more class II-III water till you see the McLarens falls Power Station. Paddle downstream as far as you dare, don’t go over Mclaren falls, unless your name is Greg Clark.

This run can be linked up from Tuakopai (IV+ - V), Mangakorengorengo III+ (V), Wairoa (IV+-V), making an awesome run if you can catch a good flow. Have fun and do not paddle a river on the rise.

To get to the put in: From the McLaren Falls carpark head back up to the main road (SH2) and take a left. From there travel 3km and take a right onto Ngamuwahine Road. From the intersection you will see the Ngamuwahine Bright put-in.

To get to the take out: McLaren Falls Carpark off SH 2.
Map: http://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap?v=2&ll=-37.812227,176.032642&z=15

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