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Waiari / Waiari Gorge, II-III

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River is Waiari Steam. Put-in and take-out off Te Matai Road.
Trip report in Waikato Kayak Club, Sept 2006.
http://www.waikatokayakclub.org.nz/newsletters/archive/2006/WKC_Sep06.pdf (PDF, 450KB)


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Linber is the new put in owner. The takeout is still Sam. Sam has asked that people park at the top flat area unless they have a 4wd with clearance and know what they are doing. He is sick of pulling out stuck 2wd paddle wagons. Forester/Outback or better is suitable.

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Just rang to gain permission for the put in and there has now been a change of ownership. The new owners name is Linber 0272898999.

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Found new contact details:
Put-in: Jono - - 1010 Te Matai Rd
Take-out: Sam Ellison - - 394 Te Matai Rd

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Hey mushroom, I'm planning a trip down the Waiari next weekend, and wondering if you could tell me the putin/takeout location, and the farmers to contact for permission? Thanks heaps, Chris

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Paddled Waiari this weekend, there are some new trees, some river wide and a new slip. One of the trees in the grade 3 section is particularly nasty, would be difficult to portage, we managed to paddle under it, but we had slightly lower than normal flow.

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Went for a trip down the Waiari today and was awesome but there are few new half river strainers. Two of them do look quit intimidating at first glance bur are easy enough to scout from the river and avoid just good to be aware.

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two trees in upper grade 2 section, both river wide, easily portaged, another tree in grade 3 section, can be paddled under in normal flow. Hazard in higher flows, possibly not easily portaged as it's wedged in a gorge

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Hi, update on contact details:

Put in is still Nikki

New take out owner / manager


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just paddled it after big floods and no trees in the way except for the flat-water paddle (if you're paddling all the way to the bridge) and then there are lots of trees in the way but all negotiable.

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Hey guys just a wee update
for the put in: Nikki is not there anymore the new guys name is Kevin, same number 0

for the take out: it's a real mess at the mo and lots of machinery around and he'd rather no one used it until next weekend 19/02/11.

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This should be spelt Waiari.

Definitely check with landowners well in advance as the kiwifruit Psa outbreak started in this area

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There were some big trees in there, it was still negotiable with a bit of care. not sure what it's like after all the rain in the past 10 days.

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Put in There’s been a change of manager at the put in orchard since
the previous one who didn’t care if we didn’t phone ahead. The new
managers name Nikki . She wants paddlers to phone her the
day before if they’re going thru. If you can’t get hold of her you
can try Simon Dickie, the owner, on 07-378-9680. They’re both a bit
touchy about it, so lots of please and thank yous would be good.
Would be a shame to get offside with them.

Take out This is still owned by Trent Ellison 5734839. He doesn’t
have an answer phone and often doesn’t answer the phone, so phone a
few days ahead to make sure you get him. He’s always happy for us to
go thru, but lets keep him onside too.

Donald Calder

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