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Hurunui / Jollie Brook to South Branch, II

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1.5 hours
Put in: 
Jollie Brook swingbridge
Take out: 
Seaward Stream
Shallow boulder gardens with a handful of bluffs
Hot tip: 
Good playing at Dozy Stream

Jollie Brook is an excellent teaching area, and slalom competitions are occasionally held at the put in. There is good camping at several locations; one just up the road, through a gate, has a long-drop toilet.

Shallow boulder gardens for about 3km to South Branch (an alternate put-in and take out). Several bluffs, eddy lines and waves (at the right flow) provide playable features. Dozy Stream is often used as a put-in to extend the Maori Gully run.

To get to the take out: Drive up the Lake Sumner Road to the bridge across Seaward Stream.

To get to the put in: Continue up Lake Sumner Road to the swingbridge across the Hurunui River below Jollie Brook stream.

Features: The Island, Slip 'n' Slide.

Jonathan Hunt


philli.lloyd's picture

monday the 26 of march to thursday the 29 of march. was a good run only 30 cumecs of water in the river. heaps of eddeys. bit bummpy with the low level of water.

the put in and take out are a great spot.

had great weather, nice and hot.
thursday night started to rain.

hugh's picture

5th January 2010
The recent northwesterlies have lifted the Hurunui to quite high flows. Most of the water is coming down from Lake Sumner, so the upper gorge and the Grade 2 sections between Jolliebrook to Seaward are running high with big waves and a few munchy holes. For novices it's probably a bit of a handful, unless they are with experienced paddlers. A swim could be unsettling.

Maori Gully is almost washed out at these flows. There are some splendid surfing opportunities.

Devil's Fang Falls just upstream of Dozy Stream is now a massive hole, centre to centre R, and is worth scouting on the drive in.

(Ecan flow gauge above 120cumecs to 200+.)

Posted for the benefit of visitors to Canterbury.... :-)

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