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Waikaretaheke / Piripaua, II-III

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Whitewater NZ assists the Hawkes Bay Canoe Club and Genesis Energy to organise releases on the Piripaua section of the Waikaretaheke River. Please register by completing the form at http://nzrivers.wufoo.com/forms/register/


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This is a nice easy run suitable for an intermediate level paddeler. Its a short play run, with lots of small play features, small wave trains and eddies. This section has been used for slalom and wildwater competitions in the past

The put in is off State Highway 38 (Waikaremoana to Wairoa Road) at the Pipirua Power station and the take out is at farm field comtaining a swingbridge a few km down the road. The swingbring has seen better days and care should be taken when crossing. The shuttle can be run on foot.

Although this is an easy run it fallen willows in and across rapids provide a very real threat to inexperienced paddlers or swimmers (see photos). The HBCC clears the river regularly and this run and the Whakamarino run are usually, but not always, clear.

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