Mōhaka / Te Hoe (Pungahuru to Te Hoe)


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As of 25/4/19 access to Everites Camsite is closed at the Everites Ford due to slips. To do the Te Hoe section get in at at Everites Ford, it adds an extra 30 mins to the trip.

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Hi Guys,
Just an updated link to river flows for the Mohaka

Also for NIWA rivers in general: https://hydrowebportal.niwa.co.nz/

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Norm Brown at Mohaka Rafting reports (3 June), "The forest management firm PF Olsen environmental manager called a week or so back to report that they were looking at removing trees that had fallen (while harvesting) into the river half way between the bottom narrows and the Te Kooti bridge. They are in the river left channel. The right channel is open. The company has since called to say they are unable to pull them back up the bank (about 8 feet) - so they are still there. Please take care and spread the news. Please let people know that if a fresh comes through these could end up down the grade 5."

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There has been a big slip come into the river between Everett's campsite and the mine (at BH38 210685). This blocked the river for half a day, but has now broken through. We don't know exactly what is down there yet, and it will undoubtedly move around for a while.

this is what it looks like;

Gwyn Ashcroft

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We went back in on Tuesday 25th Jan, at a level of about 3000mm. Much more manageable. The Te Hoe drop was washed out and quite easy, the crux of the run was probably the rocks just above Shark's Tooth.
Gwyn Ashcroft

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We attempted this today at an estimated gauge reading of 5000mm. Huge wavetrains and some fiercesome stoppers on the bits that were usually grade 2 at the top. Glenfalls, Jock Sutton, and Bridgets were flooded, and the mine was submerged. We pulled off the river at Dogsleg due to the amount of debris coming down the Waipunga. Dogsleg was river-wide waves with lots of debris in the river right eddy at the bottom.

Gwyn Ashcroft

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Did this run at 2700. At this level it is more or less in flood, lots of big holes everywhere, but river is wide with lots of route choices. Rapids mostly 3 to 3 plus, a couple close to 4. The dog leg rapid should be scouted, there was a chicken run on the right and a good line in the middle. Te Hoe was a grunty grade 4. There was a line through, but it was tight and grim if you screwed up. There is a chicken run on river left, obvious as long as you scout it from the big boulders on river right.

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Here's some pics of the river at low summer flow to give you some idea. I've kind of listed my opinion as I've run them with HBCC paddlers earlier. Essentially, it's a class II - III trip, with one rapid Te Hoe that may be class III+. With more water the grade goes up to a more consistent class III. At High flows the rapids become a more consistent class III+ (maybe entry level 4 in flood). All in all a pleasent paddle as a club trip.

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Ran it yesterday at 1100. Mostly class II+ to III. Te Hoe was definately III+. Two off set holes that between them covered the width of the river and required a ferry glide above the lower hole, a s-move to thread the holes, or a reasonable boof to jump the first one.

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Ran it a similar flow to Jeremy. There was a couple of holes in the middle of Te Hoe. They were scoutable from the eddies when we did it, although I'd suggest class III boaters actually scout from the bank. One of these was quite chunky.

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Ran this on Thursday gauge ~1600, a superb flow. My thoughts below a couple of juicy ones were off Access 14's big fluffy lumpy fun rapids.

There are some big and very retentive holes at this flow. Also the hole mid-Te Hoe rapid is a seriously unpleasant prospect.

Enjoy the gorge and please post up experiences at different flows, it'll be nice to have the beta.

Jeremy Watt

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This is known locally as the "Te Hoe" section. We paddled it today on the back of heavy rain at 1930 on the Hawkes bay Regional Council river gauge at Glenfalls (http://www.hbrc.govt.nz/WhatWeDo/Water/RiverLevels/tabid/120/Default.asp...).

This was a good class III+ to IV- run at this level. Lots of big fluffy holes. I'd compare it with the Earthquake Buller and the Matiri in the Buller catchment at highish water. In other words reasonably quick, a bit technical and fun. It took 2 1/4 hours from Jock Sutton Rd ie the slightly longer variant that Gwyn mentions.

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Normal put-in is at the DOC campsite on Auroa road. To get there, turn off SH5 a little way south of the Mohaka bridge onto Waitara road going East. Auroa road is on the left. Jock Sutton road also has a good access, with a good camping spot right by the river. This adds another 30mins to an hour to the trip (normally somewhere around 3-5 hours depending on flow). Take out at the next bridge. To get there, continue on Waitara road, and when it ends, turn left onto Pohokura road and follow it all the way to the bridge.

Topo Maps BH38, BH39

Gwyn Ashcroft