Wairua / Wairua


11 to -13 on the gauge (visual)

11 to -13 on the gauge (visual)

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Wairua Falls Rd
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2 km
Technical rockgardens
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String both sections on the Wairua together and paddle Wairua Falls.
Flow When they are diverting water from the power station over the falls. About 20-30mm of rain and it starts rocking. When the rock in the pool at the bottom of the falls is covered it's good to go. Optimal play flow: -11 to -13 on the gauge It wouldn't have done any harm if the water level was higher than it was, and we had no idea where the rock was anyway (it was covered). We did the river at between -10 and -10.5 on the gauge. Apparently -11 to -13 is the best play flow (a bit lower then when we did it. Put in At the end of Wairua Falls Rd, take Maungatapere Rd, west of Whangarei. Follow the bush track going down to a patch of grass at the bottom of the falls. Take out: Either don't bother and just paddle up/walk alongside the canal (2 km), or instead of turning down Wairua Falls Rd, take the next left (at a town called Titoki I think) After 5 mins of less you will see a copse of around 10 Gum trees on your left, as you approach a big bend in the road to the right. You can park your car here on the power station grounds. Carry on to the following driveway (no vehicle access) and walk down to the riverside power station building to check out the white gauge. Character This section offers technical boulder-garden style rapids through a bushclad valley, with opportunities for breaks between the rapids. Keep an eye out for playwaves, most of which have to be caught on the fly. When in spate the water is very brown but also very warm - an excellent winter option! A couple of rapids towards the end throw up something a little different such as a wall to avoid, but boat scouting will probably be fine for all of them, as long as river reading skills are good enough to pick the likely holes (which tend to be frequent, large, and appear out of nowhere).
NZ Whitewater 4th Edition 2006: 


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At the Take out.
The gum trees have been cut down
park 10m down stream of the power station immediately before the house - a track/road leads down to the river.