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Waiwhakaiho / SH3 to Meeting of the Waters, III-IV

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This is the Classic run for Taranaki and one of the easier to get a good level on, of the temperamental rain dependent rivers of the region. Saying that it usually only offers up a two hour window to get on it before water drops away again.

The regional council have a gauge on their website http://www.trc.govt.nz/rivers/view/34 with optimal flows being between 30 and 90 cumecs. Less and it becomes bony, with more water the features become washed out and it turns into a giant roller coaster which is still great fun. As the water level increases so does the difficulty and a recent run at 80 cumecs was probably one of the most challenging had so far.

As mentioned the weir just after the power intake is run-able on both sides, just avoid the nasty tow-back of the vertical section in the middle.

The best put in is on the Kaiauahi (The take up for running this stream) just above where this tributary s the river. To get there turn off SH3 at Thomason Rd, continue on Alfred road until it comes to the stream, there is parking on the right hand side.
The take out is at The Meeting of the waters reserve back down SH3 on the right hand side at the bottom of the hill.

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about half way down by the intake to the power station, run it on the left is fine,

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