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Aorere / Bainham wave, III




Perhaps 100-300 cumecs. Definitely mid 200s

Put in: 
Confluence of Aorere and Bainham Creek
Take out: 
Confluence of Aorere and Bainham Creek
Hot tip: 
Best playwave in the upper SI

The wave is on the grade 2/3 Aorere gorge section, but you can also park and play. Impeccable eddy service is provided by the groynes built for flood protection.

For park and play ask at Gareth Scott's place, on the corner of Cook Rd 1.1 km up Aorere Valley Rd from the historic Langford's store. Or phone 524-8968.
Turn off at the double farm gate on the left another 400m up the valley, ie 1.5km from the store, and park 100m down the cattle track where it meets the river. Walk 200m upstream and you'll find a spot where you can see the wave and also easily duck under the electric fence.


The Aorere has huge floods, with an annual average high of 2000 cumecs and a record of 3500. It goes up and down extremely quickly, more than just about any other river in the country. . 100 cumecs in 15 minutes is quite possible. So to catch the wave you usually need to be there within hours of a decent downpour. Keep a close eye on flow and rain graphs to figure out when.

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