Incident 19991025

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19991025?, 25 October 1999 12:00?, Near-miss? / Entrapment-Sieve?
Victim?: NZ, Male
Location?: Manawatu/Mangahao?

Class?: IV
Flow?: Unknown, "Low"
Boat Type?: Kayak-Playboat/Perception '3D'
Trip Type?: Private


Near the end of the Mangahao Gorge, a kayaker misjudges a chute and becomes vertically pinned. An air-pocket formed but paddler was unable to free the kayak, but was able to climb out onto an adjacent rock.


A near-miss, given the amount of effort required to free the kayak. A throwline was attached but pulling on the towline from various directions did not free the boat. An attempt to z-drag the kayak back the way it came was unsuccessful. The kayaker was towed, walked, swam, ran, and rock-climbed 8km to the take-out.

A keyhole cockpit was of vital assistance.
A step-up bar is also recommended.
Carry suitable footwear (Recommendation 1.8).
Know how to implement a z-drag and carry sufficient rope and equipment to create one (Recommendation 1.9).

Mangahao release, Timon Walkley

Reported by?: Timon Walkley
Created: 2003-11-16, changed: 2003-11-17.