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?, 26 November 2000 10:00?, Injury incident? / Shoulder dislocation?
Victim?: NZ, 27, Male
Location?: Waikato/Tongariro/Access 10/Jaw Breakder rapid?

Class?: III
Flow?: 16cu , "Medium"
Boat Type?: Kayak-Playboat/BlissStick FJ2
Trip Type?: Club


A paddler went upside down above the large rock in 'Jawbreaker rapid' and bumped the rock with either paddle or arm. The victim's roll attempt failed, they realised their shoulder was abnormal, and swam. The victim was in pain and unable to paddle. A doctor in the group checked and confirmed a dislocated shoulder. A commercial raft came by, and the opportunity was taken for the injured paddler to be taken as a passenger. The raft company radioed to base and arranged for the prison to pick the victim up at the first bridge and transfer them to hospital. The remainder of the group towed the vicitm's kayak to the take-out.


It is unclear what the exact cause of the dislocation was. Good roll technique can help minimise the risk of shoulder dislocation (Recommendation 1.28).

Reported by?: Alan Bell
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