Incident 20011027

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20011027?, 27 October 2001 10:00?, Injury incident? / Shoulder dislocation?
Victim?: NZ, Male
Location?: Manawatu/Mangahao/Rock garden below 'lunch spot' rapid?

Class?: III
Flow?: 40cu , "Medium"
Boat Type?: Kayak-Playboat/Pyranha 230
Trip Type?: Club


A paddler caught their paddle on rocks while attempting to roll in rock garden after the 'lunch stop' rapid. Victim was in pain and unable to paddle. One paddler stayed with the victim with several survival blankets and a small fire while other paddlers paddled out with their equipment to alert a rescue helicopter.

A helicopter arrived 1-2 hours later and took the victim to Palmerston North hospital.


Good roll technique can help minimise the risk of shoulder dislocation (Recommendation 1.28). The group coordinated the rescue well.

Alan Bell report.

Reported by?: Alan Bell
Created: 2004-03-09, changed: 2004-03-09.