Incident 20020201

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20020201?, 1 February 2002 12:00?, Fatal accident? / Entrapment-Tree?
Victim?: NZ, 21, Male
Location?: West Coast/Buller/Earthquake/Rodeo?

Class?: III-
Flow?: ~95cu , "Low"
Boat Type?: Kayak-Playboat/Wavesport 'X'
Trip Type?: Education


The first of three groups of outdoor leadership students run Rodeo rapid on the Earthquake section. A student paddles over a rock with water welling over it (left of the centre of the rapid, approx. 25m from the left bank) and is immediately pinned on a Y-shaped log behind the rock. One limb of the log is across the spray-deck and abdomen of the paddler, forcing him against the rear of the cockpit.

Other members of the group, and the other two groups, arrive soon after and make repeated attempts to free the paddler from the strainer. These were unsuccessful and the victim slid under the water while still pinned against the tree. He was finally freed from the tree and washed downstream.


It is thought the victim was unaware of the existence of the strainer hazard in Rodeo, which was not visible from upstream. The instructors and some of the students were aware of the particular strainer. Normally it is the instructor's responsibility to manage risk for the group (Recommendation 3.10) but students need to accept more of this responsibility as they advance.

The victim was capable of navigating to avoid the rock (Recommendation 1.21).

The hazard was not visible at higher flows. In this case, a lower flow enhanced the objective danger.

The incident site appears to have been too far from the banks of the river (and feasible anchor points) for effective z-drag rescue.

It is dangerous to paddle over an obstacle 'blind' (Recommendation 1.19).

With reference to the MSA report, it is unlikely that satellite telephone would have contributed to a successful rescue.

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Reported by?: Jonathan Hunt, Glenn Murdoch
Created: 2004-01-19, changed: 2005-07-24.