Incident 20030221

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20030221?, 21 February 2003 12:00?, Injury incident? / Shoulder dislocation?
Victim?: NZ, Male
Location?: West Coast/Taipo/Upper Taipo/Showcase?

Class?: IV+
Flow?: 15-20cu , "Medium"
Boat Type?: Kayak-Creek/Perception 'Java'
Trip Type?: Private


A paddler dislocates his left shoulder attempting to roll at the end of Showcase rapid. The kayaker does an offside roll and is helped to shore. A weighted helmet was slung from the wrist as the victim lay over a boulder, but the shoulder did not reduce. After muscle spasm set in, two of the party paddled out for assistance. Meanwhile the kayaker and companion hiked down to Mid-Taipo Hut. A helicopter provided transport to a nearby farm and from there transport was obtained to Greymouth Hospital where the shoulder was reduced under anaesthetic.


The group coped with the situation by applying first-aid (Recommendation 1.9 and Recommendation 1.17), then seeking outside assistance. The injured paddler hiked to a nearby hut so footwear was important (Recommendation 1.8).

"An epic on the Taipo: A dislocated shoulder and more" by Kerry Hoglund, WWCC Newsletter, April 2003.

Reported by?: Kerry Hoglund
Created: 2003-11-15, changed: 2003-11-15.