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?, 28 November 2004 12:00?, Near-miss? / Other?
Victim?: NZ, 18, Male
Location?: Waikato/Waikato/Below Lake Taupo?

Class?: II
Flow?: Unknown, "Medium"
Boat Type?: Unknown/
Trip Type?: Private


A kayaker on the Waikato river near the bridge below Lake Taupo became caught in the backwash below the bridge and washed up into one of the control gates. He climbed onto a ledge for safety while the kayak was tumbled in the turbulent water. A passer-by alerted police and two-and-a-half hours later the paddler was hauled to safety on the bridge by firefighters and police working with a rescue harness and rope. Light was provided by the Lion Foundation Rescue Helicopter spotlight. Local kayakers stood by with throw bags. Rescue IRB stood by down stream.


It is not clear whether the victim recognised the hazard (Recommendation 1 and Recommendation 1.27).

Constructed features can create particularly hazardous features (Recommendation 1.23).

It is not stated whether the victim was paddling alone or with a group.

Rescue of kayaker tricky for helicopter, 29 November 2004, Lucy Reed, Waikato Times (p3)

Reported by?: Jonathan Hunt, John Dawkins
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