Incident 20060729

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20060729?, 29 July 2006 16:10?, Injury incident? / Entrapment-Other?
Victim?: NZ, 46, Male
Location?: Marlborough/Wairau/To Renwick/1km above Renwick bridge?

Class?: II
Flow?: cu , "Medium"
Boat Type?: Unknown/Plastic
Trip Type?: Private


A party of two kayakers set out on the Wairau. One became pinned on a rock, and was held leaning upstream and unable to exit due to the force of fast moving water on his legs. Police were notified approximately half and hour later. Once on the scene they were able to reach the boat but could not release the kayak with brute force. They managed to attach a rope to an end loop by reaching from a ledge.

With four people pulling they eventually worked the kayak off the rock. The exhausted kayaker spilled from the freed kayak and was pulled to shore using a 'strong-swimmer' rescue. The victim had no life-jacket, and was suffering from hypothermia.


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Officers who saved kayaker recognised for bravery, 10 July, NZ Herald
Two brave policemen honoured, 10 July 2007, The Marlborough Express.

Reported by?: Tony Burdon
Created: 2007-07-19, changed: 2007-07-19.