Incident 20061229

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20061229?, 29 December 2005 12:00?, Injury incident? / Entrapment-Tree?
Victim?: NZ, ??, Male
Location?: West Coast/Whataroa/Barrowman Flat run/First class III rapid?

Class?: IV
Flow?: 12cu , "Medium"
Boat Type?: Kayak-Creek/Pyranha Micro 240
Trip Type?: Private


A group of eleven paddlers had just started their run. The last kayaker approached a drop with choices of right and left, and based on a signal from shore, aimed for the right-hand channel. The kayaker was swept offline onto a boulder where a log entered the cockpit pinning the kayaker across the The victim's head was above water, but he was unable to free himself.

His companions attempted to throw a sling to the trapped kayaker but where unsuccessful. Two paddlers managed to jump across and support the victim. Lines were affixed to the victim and the kayak. A vector pull was applied to the kayak but was unsuccessful. The victim was increasingly cold and in pain.

At the entrapped kayaker's suggestion, an attempt was made to cut the boat free, but the saw blade snapped. Cutting with another saw was successful. The victim was pulled onto an upstream rock, then zip-lined to the riverbank. With additional rope-work the



Reported by?: Jonathan Hunt
Created: 2006-04-06, changed: 2006-04-06.