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Incidents by River

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List all incidents by River (48)

River Date Type Incident
Aorere 1980-01-19 Fatal accident NZ,NZ,Tasman/Aorere
Buller 2002-02-01 Fatal accident NZ,21,West Coast/Buller/Earthquake
Clarence 2001-10-26 Fatal accident NZ,11,NZ,13,Canterbury/Clarence/Upper Clarence
Crooked 2004-03-29 Fatal accident GBR,19,West Coast/Crooked/Crooked Gorge
Hawea 1987-03-15 Fatal accident NZ,37,Otago/Hawea
Hokitika 2001-11-18 Fatal accident NZ,45,West Coast/Hokitika/Kakariki Canyon
Hokitika 2000-01-08 Fatal accident USA,37,West Coast/Hokitika/Upper Hokitika
Kaituna 2007-08-20 Fatal accident US,23,Bay of Plenty/Kaituna/Awesome Gorge
Kaituna 2015-03-11 Fatal accident NZ,26,Bay of Plenty/Kaituna/Gnarly Gorge
Kawarau 2003-03-08 Fatal accident NZ,54,Otago/Kawarau/Kawarau Falls
Kawarau 2003-09-21 Near-miss NZ,22,Otago/Kawarau/Kawarau Falls
Kawarau 1998-02-08 Fatal accident NZ,25,Otago/Kawarau/Roaring Meg
Lake Coleridge 2015-04-04 Fatal accident NZ,20,Canterbury/Lake Coleridge/
Lake Horowhenua 1974-07-06 Fatal accident NZ,Manawatu/Lake Horowhenua
Lake Tekapo 1974-10-22 Fatal accident AUS,22,Canterbury/Lake Tekapo
Leith 2004-08-06 Near-miss NZ,19,NZ,19,Otago/Leith/Water of Leith
Manawatu 1998-03-14 Fatal accident NZ,42,Manawatu/Manawatu/Ballance to ?
Mangahao 1999-10-25 Near-miss NZ,Manawatu/Mangahao
Mangahao 2001-10-27 Injury incident NZ,Manawatu/Mangahao
Mangakahia 1973-06-16 Injury incident NZ,Northland/Mangakahia
Mangakarengorengo 2007-07-22 Near Miss NZ,25,NZ,25,Bay of Plenty/Mangakarengorengo/To McLaren Falls
Mararoa 2010-04-05 Fatal accident NZ,45,Southland/Mararoa/South Mavora Lakes to Kiwi Burn
Mohaka 1973-07-22 Fatal accident NZ,19,Hawkes Bay/Mohaka/Willow Flat to Raupunga
Nevis 2005-02-06 Injury incident NZ,31,Otago/Nevis
Nevis 2000-01-05 Fatal accident GER,22,Otago/Nevis
Oparara 2004-04-14 Near-miss NZ,37,West Coast/Oparara
Opihi 2006-12-03 Near-miss NZ,21,Canterbury/Opihi/Below Hanging Rock
Otaki 1963-11-16 Fatal accident NZ,37,Wellington/Otaki
Rangitata 2007-03-23 Injury incident FRA,25,Canterbury/Rangitata/Rangitata Gorge
Taipo 2003-02-21 Injury incident NZ,West Coast/Taipo/Upper Taipo
Taramakau 1995-10-21 Fatal accident USA,West Coast/Taramakau
Tauranga Taupo 2017-02-20 Injury incident NZ,25,Waikato/Tauranga Taupo/Kiko Rd to SH1
Tongariro 2000-11-26 Injury incident NZ,27,Waikato/Tongariro/Access 10
Waiau 2005-03-11 Fatal accident FIN,22,Southland/Waiau
Waiau 1999-10-24 Fatal accident NZ,13,Canterbury/Waiau/Lower Waiau
Waiau 1997-11-01 Near-miss NZ,Canterbury/Waiau/Lower Waiau
Waihi Stream 2004-08-08 Injury incident NZ,25,Manawatu/Waihi Stream/Waihi Falls
Waihou 2006-10-11 Fatal accident NZ,68,Waikato/Waihou/Okoroire Falls
Waikaia 2007-01-13 Fatal accident USA,48,Southland/Waikaia/Canton Bridge to Piano Flat
Waikaia 2003-02-22 Fatal accident GBR,27,Otago/Waikaia
Waikato 2004-11-28 Near-miss NZ,18,Waikato/Waikato/Below Lake Taupo
Waikato 1993-04-26 Fatal accident NZ,Waikato/Waikato/Huka Falls
Waiohine 2004-06-06 Near-miss NZ,15,NZ,15,Wellington/Waiohine/Waiohine Gorge
Wairau 2006-07-29 Injury incident NZ,46,Marlborough/Wairau/To Renwick
Wairua 2014-07-19 Fatal accident CZ,29,Northland/Wairua
Whanganui 2002-12-01 Fatal accident NZ,Wanganui/Whanganui
Whataroa 2005-12-29 Injury incident NZ,??,West Coast/Whataroa/Barrowman Flat run
Whitcombe 2016-03-02 Fatal accident NZ,20,West Coast/Whitcombe/Collier's Gorge
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