Submission on Ten Mile Creek

Kieron Thorpe compiled the NZRCA submission opposing further mining discharges to Ten Mile Creek.

Form 6a: Submission On An Application For Resource Consent Under Section 96 Of The Resource Management Act 1991

To: The West Coast Regional Council

Name of Submitter: New Zealand Recreational Canoeing Association

Address: PO Box 284, Wellington

Application Number: RC07147

  1. We oppose the application by Redcar and Snowline Mines relating to mining and mining operations at Redcar and Snowline mines.
  2. The particular parts of the application we oppose are all parts of application related to water permits and discharge permits.
  3. The reasons for making our submission are:

    Our members kayak Ten Mile Creek when it is at high flow. We are concerned that:

    • the applicant has not considered whitewater kayakers as river users despite a history of navigation dating back to the late 1970s
    • there will be an increase in suspended sediment and potentially toxic metals that mining activity will prevent access to Ten Mile Creek upstream of SH6.

    Ten Mile Creek has mining debris from previous activity, potentially hazardous to river users, and the applicant does not commit to cleaning that up.

  4. We wish the consent authority to make the following decision: decline all parts of the application relating to water use and discharge until mitigation to the above concerns has been satisfactorily addressed.
  5. We wish to be heard in support of our submission.

Contact Details

Kieron Thorpe
Conservation Officer, South Island
New Zealand Recreational Canoeing Association
PO Box 284, Wellington